Ana Carolina Giannini Silva

Master in Education from the Federal University of Goiás - Jataí Regional (2017), Specialist in Early Childhood Education from the Federal University of Goiás - Faculty of Education (2012), graduated in Normal Higher Degree in Early Childhood Education by the Higher Institute of Education Almeida Rodrigues (2008) and Pedagogy at the University of Uberaba (2014). Participant of the Study and Research Group: "Work in Early Childhood Education" (GETEI) - UFG/Jataí Regional and Member of the research group Nesec - Society, Education and Culture Research Group - linked to CNPq. She's a PEB-IV teacher at Rio Verde-GO Municipal Education Network and currently serves as Director of the Principle of Knowledge Municipal School of Education (2015-2018 Management). Has experience in Education, focusing on Management and Teaching-Learning. Research in the line Policies, Management and Teacher Education, emphasized on the following themes: work, teaching, child, childhood, education, public policies and early childhood education (Text informed by the author)

Research Line:

Educational Policies, Management and Teacher Training


Laís Leni Oliveira Lima