Rone Clei da Silva Santos

Graduated in PHYSICAL EDUCATION from the School of Physical Education and Physiotherapy of the State of Goiás ESEFFEGO-UEG. He's currently a teacher of technical and technological basic education at the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology Goiano - Ceres Campus. Former member (volunteer researcher) from 2005 to 2008 of EXTENSA FORMA - Study, Research and Extension Group - which investigates the professional formation in Physical Education, coordinated by the teachers: Paulo Roberto Veloso Ventura and Sérgio de Almeida. Master student of the Education Postgraduate Program of the Federal University of Goiás Jataí Regional, linked to Culture; Teaching and Learning Processes Research Line, under the guidance of Professor Dr. Luis César de Souza. (Text informed by the author)

Research Line:

Culture; Teaching and Learning Processes


Luís Cesar de Souza